The L monochrome Film Lab

The L, monochrome

The L, Chicago, Film Lab

The L

Toolbox: Perfectly Clear, Film Lab

A taxi, a bus, a train, and one MD-80 later, we are back in DFW from our trip to Chicago.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities on the planet period and as many Windy City iPhoneographers will attest, it’s a gorgeous city to photograph.

Many of the images I found myself taking this trip lent themselves to processing in Film Lab. One of the things that I liked about using the app was the surprising ability to stack effects. For instance, the high contrast monochrome of the L above was achieved by layering Fuji Neopan 1600 over EPP High Contrast – Blue. The surreal, grainy colors of the bottom L were acheived by stacking EPP High Contrast – Blue over itself.

I’ve got to get caught up on some deadlines for the day job. I’ll be posting more photography from Chicago throughout the coming days.



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