iPhoneography: Meigs Field, chicago, Film Lab

I Love It When My Plane Leaves On Time

iPhoneography: Meigs Field Airport, Terminal


iPhoneography: Meigs Field, Skyline, Film Lab


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On a man-made peninsula on the shores of Lake Michigan, a small building and a control tower still stand — all that remains of Chicago’s third airport, Meigs Field. The runway was destroyed years ago and the land was restored to nature.

The old terminal building still stands. Now as part of the park, guests are allowed to go into the starkly furnished building. Most of the furniture is gone — only a few airport chairs in the upstairs lounge.

I never got to fly through Meigs, but as I explored the building, with its spectacular view of the downtown skyline, I felt the ghosts of airports past when there were no security lines to clear and when smoking was still allowed on flights.

I love airports — even old ones.