ix3, Richard Vickers, Istanbul

ix3 Project

A new video portrait project created by Richard Vickers shows in Istanbul the first week of May. It has been created using an iPhone 3GS video camera and is a participatory project. The artist is looking for iPhoneographers to contribute some video portraits.

The prototype is here, www.ix3.lincoln.ac.uk

With reference to the great tradition of portrait photography, ix3 utilizes video portraits in an online, dynamic, triptych gallery. The project is participatory and offers everyone an opportunity to create a video portrait using a mobile phone camera and add it to the online gallery. Each video portrait displays the first name of the subject, their hometown or location and the ISO 3166 country code. Three video portraits display on the screen at the same time, as each one ends it is replaced by another random video portrait.

There are a few stipulations for when people create a video portrait:

  • Choose a plain background
  • Use plenty of light
  • Keep still (or ask your subject to keep still)
  • Try and shoot about 60 seconds of video (this is longer than you think)


Uploading is free via the contribute section of the site, max file size 100mb.