"Blue Train to the G Stop" taken at SFO


Online news giant USAToday is looking for your best cellphone travel photography. That, of course, includes photos taken with an iPhone.

In a story posted on May 25, 2010, USAToday/Dispatches blogger Laura Bly is looking for “the most inspiring and intriguing” images to post online in their Dispatches blog.

Cellphone travel photos take off: Send us your best shots

Apart from from its inherent portability, a cellphone camera’s biggest appeal may be “the imaginative ways we can now instantly put photos to use,” says travel photographer Jeff Pflueger. And thanks to the burgeoning ranks of sophisticated photo editing apps for both the iPhone and Android, capturing compelling visual souvenirs has never been easier

Here’s a link to the complete story, which includes submission information, on USAToday.



Special thanks to Knox Bronson from Pixels At An Exhibition for this tip.