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iPhoneography: Buffalo Exchange, CameraBag

Buffalo Exchange


A few months ago, a call for submissions for the stalled 1 is enough project went out. The requirements were simple — essentially, submit a few of your best square frame iPhone photographs for consideration. After combing through my iPhoto library, I realized as a photographer that, A) I looked at the world with a 3:2, 4:3, or 16:9 aspect ratio, and B) my best square format photography until then came from Hipstamatic.

Not wanting to submit Hipsta photos to this exhibit, I tried to crop a few of my tall images to square format, but these images were created in the taller (or wider) aspect ratio and always felt like something was missing from them.

Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to shoot more square format photography. Without the confines of a square viewfinder, it requires looking at the whole scene and seeing the finished square piece. Cropping down from 4:3 is merely honing the details — cleaning up the edges — of the photo I see in my head.

While it’s easy to shoot square format with Hipstamatic because the square viewfinder helps you compose your image in camera, I’ve been trying to “think square” using other camera apps, allowing me do do my own post processing.

Here are a couple of the square format captures I’ve taken.



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