Sadly, here at the global headquarters of LifeInLoFi.com, we don’t have a dedicated testing facility or access to any smartphone and digital camera on the market. Fortunately, the folks at Macworld do, and in case you missed it, they’ve tested the new iPhone 4 camera against not only several other smartphones in its class, but a couple of consumer point-and-shoot digital cameras as well. For good measure, they’ve added a Flip Video Camera and thrown in a test or two to see how the new HD video camera fares.

How did the iPhone 4 camera stack up against other smartphones and dedicated cameras in these tests?

For anyone serious about image or video quality, or who knows a bit about photography and wants manual camera controls, the iPhone 4 still has a ways to go as a camera. As a camera built into a smartphone, however, it’s as good as they get.

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