Scott Bourne over at Photofocus just posted about new service from ImageRights.

ImageRights is a service that helps photographers scan the web for unauthorized use of their images and helps prevent image piracy. Now, they are offering this service to photographers for free.

You may not make your living as a professional photographer. If not, you may not care about compensation for infringement. But you still may want the right to demand attribution or take down. ImageRights can help you make that happen.

You can read more about ImageRights in Scott’s post over at

As iPhoneography grows and emerges as an artform, unauthorized use of our images will be come an ever-increasing problem. Many iPhoneographers are quick to upload their images to as many venues as possible in order to gain visibility and exposure — increasing the odds that your images may get nicked. I usually don’t mind my work being used around the web for non-commercial purposes. I, too, am glad for the exposure. I do mind when my work is used improperly, not credited to me, or even worse passed off as the work of someone else.

The iPhoneography community is creating some amazing work. ImageRights is another tool to help you protect your intellectual property. I’ve added a permalink to the sidebar here.

I opted against a graphic for this post. Somehow, it felt wrong to grab the ImageRights logo from their website even for promotional purposes….

You have to click through a few screens to get to the free service. The basic package is only $9.95/month. I’ve signed up. If you are using ImageRights, let us know in the comments section how it’s working for you.



Special thanks to Dixon Hamby for this tip.