Life In LoFi has a new Twitter feed. Please follow our new feed at @LifeInLoFiBlog on Twitter. This is where we’ll be posting all things relating to iPhoneography and the blog, such as new posts, breaking news, and promo code giveaways.

I’d love for you to still follow my personal feed at @MartyNearDFW. That’s where I’ll be posting my photography and my ramblings about baseball — The Rangers, The Cubs and the difficulties in faving two MLB teams — travel, World Cup (all my faves are out — I’m vanquished), the saga of my lawn, coffee, DFW traffic, airports and my occasional curmudgeonly rant about that little kid in seat 22B that insists on using the seatback pocket as a treadmill (your parents know who you are).

I’m just splitting out content. For those of you who want more iPhoneography and less me, now you can just follow LifeInLoFiBlog. If you don’t mind the odd tweets like when I waxed briefly on scotch versus gin, by all means follow both feeds. I’ll try to keep crossposts to a minimum.

As always, thank you for reading!