July 1, 2010 — Still kind of slow with the photo app updates. There were only a few photo app updates today, although I am excited about the Lux Deluxe update that came out today (the iPhone version of the game of Risk).

The big updates of the day come from Takayuki Fukatsu, the developer of TiltShift Generator. Several of his other apps got updates for iPhone 4 today, OldCamera, SepiaCamera and the popular ToyCamera. All three have been updated for iPhone 4, including full 5MP output capability.

Updates for the Classic Camera series from misskiwi have been submitted to the App Store, but still haven’t been released yet. And we’re still waiting on the new Hipstamatic 160 update with the great new features and bug fixes. Full resolution prints on the iPhone 4 and the flash/flash feature sounds really cool! It’s still in review and hasn’t streeted yet. Really. I just checked.

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