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iPhoneographer Ramona Gillentine


When I’m asked whose iPhoneography I like, I direct people to the sidebar here on Life In LoFi. The photographers in the sidebar represent artists whose work continually blows me away. In addition to widely known iPhoneographers, there are also many there whose work moved or amazed me when I discovered it. This series on LoFi is to introduce you to the photographers who are linked in the sidebar and to give you a little more insight to the people and their work.

This edition features iPhoneographer Ramona Gillentine.

I discovered Ramona’s work through her mother — a friend of mine of Facebook and another iPhoneographer. Ramona had posted a series of monochrome images that blew me away. They were industrial still lifes with outstanding composition, tonal quality and most of all — mood. The images were very still and quiet, but on a very powerful, visceral level.

Ramona’s work has been featured in several different exhibits. Recently, she was the Featured Artist for June 2010 for Pixels at an Exhibition. She’s also had her photography published in Salt, a local literary and art zine.

Here’s Ramona in her own words:

My name is Ramona Gillentine and I am an iPhoneographanatic living in Mississippi where I was born into a family of artists and musicians. I discovered a love for Black & White photography when I was a teenager. I dabbled a bit with black and white film and a Pentax camera for a very short period as I did not get much enjoyment out of it. I kept with my main art medium which was painting. I struggled with it off and on for a span of ten years, trying to find myself and my style which never came through.

In the late summer of 2007, I got the iPhone with much thrill but I was completely unaware of the possibilities of the camera and the apps to come. My first camera app to buy was Camerabag. I remember the first photo I edited using Camerabag and I remember feeling ecstatic with the effects it had achieved. I knew at that moment I had found a whole new way of creating art and feeling instant gratification.

I am either shooting or working on photos day and night of everyday. Buildings and landscapes are my two most favorite subjects to shoot. Sometimes I plan a shoot at a specific location and at other times my eye just happens to catch a great image in passing. My most desired style for my work is to aim for high-contrast and minimal compositions. I edit my photos almost exclusively in Black & White using Lo-Mob and Format 126.

If you haven’t already visited, Ramona’s photoblog is AdoraFiora Photography on Blogspot.com. She’s a prolific iPhoneographer and her blog is updated regularly with her excellent photography.