Many iPhoneographers — myself included — upload and display images on Flickr. More iPhone photographs end up online than in print — one of the reasons why I’ll sometimes give a pass to a photo app that doesn’t support full resolution. Other than sharing images with a close network of family and friends, many of us post to the Flickr community in an effort to have our images seen by a broader segment of the photography community. Basically, Flickr can be a great place to show.

In case you missed it, Photoble recently ran a great story, “10 Tips To Get Your Photos Noticed on Flickr”. In it, Yiie gives some excellent pointers on increasing the visibility of your posted photography and is a great tutorial to help your images get noticed on Flickr, or just a good refresher for those of us who’ve been posting there for a while.

This post would hopefully help the photographers out there who want their photos to standout from the crowd and gain some public exposure. Here are 10 tips to help get your photos get featured in blogs, magazines or simply receive more views. I’d be mainly focusing on getting noticed on Flickr. However, most of these tips can be applied to your online portfolio or any other photo platforms.

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Not mentioned in the post, but one other tip that I’ve found that helps when posting to groups on Flickr is to post during the day for maximum visibility. For me, that’s around 11-2 PM Central Time here in the U.S. In many groups, images roll off the front page pretty quickly, but I’ve found it’s still of of the better places to be seen by the largest number of photographers.