I just got back from Dayton, Ohio last night, where I’ve been since Thursday. We had a great time in Dayton. It’s a fun city and there are a lot of friendly people there. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Because of the Dayton Air Show and a couple of great trips to the National Air Force Museum, I hadn’t had the time to blog like I’d wanted. Those of you who follow my personal Twitter account, @MartyNearDFW, know that I’m a huge aircraft geek and Dayton this weekend was full of really cool stuff for flight lovers. I got to sit on the flight deck of a 757, wave from the top of the air stair from SAM 26000 (it was only called Air Force One when the President was aboard), and get some really cool photos — both aviation-related and non. I’ll be posting a really cool photo I shot from the interior of an American Airlines DC-3 soon.

Today, I need to get caught up on some day-job deadlines but will have time to post some musings, reviews, and photos soon. Thank you for reading!