In case you don’t obsessively check for app updates like me, here are a few of the more significant photo app updates released within the past few days. Most of these are iOS4 compatibility updates, a few iPhone 4 compatibility updates and various bug fixes. There have been other photo apps updated in the past few days; these are some of the big ones. Check Life In LoFi’s Photo App Compatibility feature for more complete listings.

  • PhotoForge 1.93 has been released. It now supports iOS4 multitasking and has a new, optimized image processing system. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but PhotoForge should rock on an iPhone 4.
  • Panoramatic 3.0.6 update fixes the iPhone 4 flash-related shutter bug and now also supports tap-to-focus.
  • CameraTAN 2.0.1 now has high-res Retina display support. The update also includes various bug fixes.
  • The 10X Camera Tools — both standard and Pro — got some iOS4 bug fixes but this update still does not address the flash-related shutter bug issue found with many camera apps on the iPhone 4.