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While not too busy a day, yesterday saw some pretty big updates for a couple of apps that we like a lot here: ClassicPAN, PhotoWizard-Editor, and Spica. It was a mixed bag as far as the depth of the updates, but all three are good apps and all three got improvements. The Iris Photo Suite 1.2 update was also released, just as we were going to press with this post. Here’s the wrap up….

Spica Super Monochrome has long been a personal favorite here, despite the release of several new — and worth — monochrome apps. Version 3.0 now supports the iPhone 4’s Retina display. The app has already worked great in iOS 4 on an iPhone 4.

ClassicPAN version 3.2.0 by misskiwi got a better update, some pretty cool new features and a new “film”. With this version, ClassicPAN now supports 2592×1152 resolution on an iPhone 4 — that’s the full width of the phone’s native resolution. The app includes a new film, CLS Original #3 which seems to have flatter and more washed-out tonal qualities than the other CLS Original films. This update adds a new exposure function which adjusts the brightness in-app. Because the adjustment is on a separate screen, not the viewfinder screen, I wouldn’t use it for adjusting exposure on the fly when shooting. I’d probably use it more for exposure effects — overexposure for washing out an image and underexposure for rich colors and darker mood. I like the new exposure adjustment and hope it gets added to the other apps in the ClassicCam line. ClassicPAN still has the iPhone 4 “shutter bug” where the screen freezes if the camera’s flash is triggered, which did not get fixed in this update.

The PhotoWizard-Editor version 1.6 update packs a lot of new features and bug-fixes into a .1 upgrade. the app is now fully iPhone 4 compatible, supporting the 5MP resolutions as well as the Retina display. There are also minor interface tweaks throughout the app. PhotoWizard-Editor is a very powerful image editor, as well as having a good complement of effects, including ripple, pinch and punch, pencil, emboss, posterize and the new Old Book effect. PhotoWizard-Editor should probably considered a Photogene-class image editor.

PhotoWizard-Editor got the biggest update of the day. Here’s the complete list of what’s new in version 1.6:

New features…
  • – 5 Megapixel image export support for iPhone 4.
  • – Retina display support for iPhone 4.
  • – Two New filters.
    –+ Shadow/Highlight recovery.
    –+ Auto Level (Under Histogram).
  • – One New effect — Old Book.
  • – A new video tutorial section — 9 tutorials (3 build-in and 6 online).
  • – Easier and neater user interface.
Following critical bugs are fixed…
  • – Pixelation of mask edges at high resolution.
  • – Thin dark border on cropped images.
  • – Occasional crash during straighten operation.
  • – Improper histogram display.


Iris Photo Suite is a newer image editor, similar to PhotoWizard. I haven’t fully tested it yet, but so far, it’s stable and has an impressive set of photo editing tools. In its image editing screens, the histogram is a nice feature to help you tweak adjustments. There are over two dozen photo and other effects to choose from and the version 1.2 update adds a few more. The photo fx are not adjustable and I found the app’s interface feels like it’s lagging a little bit.

The previous version worked well enough for me on an iPhone 4 and it looks like version 1.2 adds several new filters as well as fixing some bugs in the app. Here’s what’s new in version 1.2:

  • Addressed issue regarding orientation of images clicked in portrait mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the Polarizer Filter.
  • Added Vignette and White Vignette Filters.
  • Added 2 new BW filters:-Golden & Dream.
  • Added 2 new filters:-Comic Scene, & Posterize.
  • Added 8 Textures:- Old Paper, Vintage Canvas, Sandstone, Splatter, Craquelure, Cross Hatch, Grunge, Patchwork, & Graphic Pen.
  • Added sliders for Output levels in Histogram Control.
  • Added a new correction filter in Histogram Control: Magic Touch.
  • Improved “Restore Functionality”, much quicker, and allows ability to undo/redo after restore.
  • Misc. Bug Fixes.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Added ability to zoom/zoom-out images.

App Store links: ClassicPAN |   Iris Photo Suite |   PhotoWizard-Editor |   Spica Super Monochrome



UPDATED: PhotoWizard-Editor shows up as “PhotoWizard” on an iPhone home screen. This has been changed throughout the article to the full name, “PhotoWizard-Editor” to avoid confusion with another app.