Pic Grunger 3.0 finally brought full-resolution support, even 5MP support for the iPhone 4. The 3.1 update inadvertently broke full-res support. Courtesy of the developer, Stephan Spring, Life In LoFi posted a workaround for the 3.1 version — a stopgap until an update was released that restored all full-res support.

As promised, the Pic Grunger 3.2 update is now available in the App Store and restores full resolution support to this excellent app. The update requires iOS 4 and is compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touch devices that are running iOS4.

So, the new fix to Pic Grunger 3.1’s low resolution issues are to update to the 3.2 version. You can update in iTunes or on your device. Start downloading….

App Store link: Pic Grunger