I love cinematic aspect ratios. Some images are just too big in scope for the standard iPhone 4:3 aspect ratio and are better suited to the shape of a movie screen. Coming soon! CineCrop is a new app that easily allows you to crop your photos in a number of different aspect ratios.

One of my favorite apps on my old iPhone was CameraHD, an app that shot in about 20 different aspect ratios, including many cinema ones. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 really broke the app and it looks like so far there is little interest in updating and maintaining it.

CineCrop is a new app, just submitted to the App Store that allows you to crop images in predefined cinematic aspect ratios that can help add an epic, vivid, movie-like feel to your images. It’s not a camera, it’s a crop app. It comes predefined with six popular cinematic aspect ratios and allows you to input custom aspect ratios as well.

Since i was a kid using black tape on the lens of my old super 8 camera to recreate an anamorphic lens effect, I’ve loved the visual aspect of widescreen, so I’m a big fan of a good iPhone photo app that quickly and easily let’s me recreate the same effect — especially without electrical tape.

The app should street any day now. We’ll have a full review when it does. Until then, have a look at the short feature above.



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