Hometown Sunset

Hometown Sunset, by Jason L. Parks

©Jason L. Parks on Flickr


Capturing silhouettes is a great way to add contrast in a photo. To do so, you must place your light source in front of you and your subject in a matter in which your subject blocks the light similar to the manner in which the moon does the sun during an eclipse. When coupled with a beautiful landscape or background, silhouettes help to add balance and depth and strengthens a photo’s composition.

Remember when attempting to expose the shot that the focus is not the subject but the lighting. What I mean by this is, if you are shooting a landscape and tap to expose on the subject and not the sky, the sky will become will become blown out and appear white. Instead, tap on the sky, and the foreground (which will include the items that you want to be in your silhouette) and this area will darken to create the desired effect.

Finally, when shooting outside and trying to obtain silhouettes, it’s easiest in my opinion to obtain this effect during the “golden hour” right before sunrise or sunset. The angle of the sun is lower which makes it easier to create the effect and the light is more even which decreases the likelihood of blowing out your background in spots.

Here are a few of my personal faves taken both inside and outside. Sorry to my Tumblr and Posterous iPhoneographers, but it’s just so much easier to get in touch with to ask permission for usage from my Flickr peeps. I do encourage to get out and shoot your silhouettes and post them in the comments box or at the Life In LoFi Flickr page.

Vizsla Silhouette #2, by Dixon Hamby

©Dixon Hamby, www.dixonhamby.com

drinks - iPhone photo of nov 13, 2009 - 191/365

Drinks, by Valerie Ardini

©Valerie Ardini on Flickr


belly.behind.bars, by Dominique Jost

©Dominque Jost on Flickr


Cranes, by Lorraine Rutter

©Lorraine Rutter on Flickr

"Way Out" 372_kokovoko

Way Out, by Jordi V. Pou

©Jordi V. Pou on Flickr

Highway Scene

©Daniel K. Berman on Flickr

We inhaled and asked about no other thing

We inhaled and asked about no other thing, by Star Rush

©Star Rush on Flickr

Who's That Girl, by Aik Beng Chia

©Aik Beng Chia on Flickr


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