foto rhetoric, nacho cordovaNacho Cordova is another iPhoneographer whose images I really like. His photography is moody. His online gallery is filled with monochromes. I think he does an excellent job of capturing genuine personality in his portraits that go beyond snapshots. His blog and his thoughts on iPhoneography, lomography, and photography in general are excellent, insightful reads.

In celebration of the unveiling of this new version of his Foto-Rhetoric site, they are holding a brief iPhoneography Challenge with FIVE prizes for the top five participants.

The submission deadline has been extended. Last day for submissions is Monday, August 16, 2010.

Submission info and prize listings after the jump. >>>

The Challenge theme is Photojournalism: Editorial images for Magazine.
You are a stringer for a monthly magazine that features commentary and short and medium length articles on current affairs and culture (e.g., Time Magazine). You are charged with taking some images to be used for an article in development. Your task is to present images that capture the essence, the story behind the event, circumstance, and/or situation. On this particular day you see the perfect opportunity to capture some good images but all you have with you is your iPhone. You take the shots with your iPhone and submit them along with an explanation of how they can be used to complement the story.

More details are on the site. Click here for submission details.

Nobody needs to subscribe, or do anything that costs anything. It’s  just having fun and having people see the new digs.

The prizes include:

1) a PDF copy (or iPad version) of Trevor Meier’s ebook: Vision in Motion: A Photographer’s Introduction to Digital Video Vision in Motion

2) a PDF copy (or iPad version) of David Duchemin’s ebook: Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involves Buying Gear. Ten

3) one copy of tap tap tap’s new iPhone app: Camera+

4) one copy of Nexvio’s iPhone app: Cinema FX for Video

5) one copy of Sebastian Heyman’s iPhone app: ReColor

Full details are on Foto-Rhetoric.