eyeem openhouse gallery soho new york


EYE’EM have announced their next brick and mortar exhibition. Their next event will be hosted at the OPENHOUSE GALLERY in SoHo, New York City this September 27-29.

The new recently revamped eyeem.com will serve as the base to find great photographs to exhibit to the New York audience. All submissions for this summer’s Berlin Exhibition, as well as any photos uploaded as of the launch will automatically qualify for the competition for the New York show. Submission is free. If you haven’t submitted any images yet, take out your phone and start now!

Deadline for submissions for the New York exhibit is September 5, 2010.

From the website:

EYE’EM is proud to announce their 2nd Mobile Photography Exhibition in 2010. The event will be hosted at the renowned OPENHOUSE gallery in New York City starting on September 27th 2010. New York is not only the home of many outstanding photographers shaping the mobile photography movement over the past years, but also an important place in the history of EYE’EM. We invite you to be part of this experience and take your chance to exhibit your photos on a truly global stage.

For more information and submission information, head over to the EYE’EM Exhibition New York website. Read more about the exhibition, submissions and judging on the EYE’EM blog.

OPENHOUSE Gallery is in SoHo, New York
201 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-0288