eyephoneography, The Hub, Madrid, SpainWe’re about a month away from eyephoneography, a high-visibility exhibition at The Hub in Madrid, Spain. This inaugural show features the works of Sion Fullana, Marco La Civita, Isabelle “MissPixels” Gagné, and Greg Schmigel.

Darren Milligan is one of the judges of the show and was recently interviewed on the eyephoneography blog. He is a designer and director of digital media projects at the Center for Education and Museum Studies at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and he’s been creating mobile phone photography for years prior to his iPhone. He has a strong visual background and it’s very interesting to read his insights on iPhone photography, mobile phone photography, and his thoughts on several of the pieces in the Madrid exhibit.

Photography, for me, has always been deeply involved in my own process of memory-making. An image of a moment or place from my past is a tool: a key to unlock the rich replay of that experience. I became aware of the power of mobile photography several years ago when I moved to Washington and looked for a method to document my explorations of a new city and to witness the ways that city would inevitably change me.

The entire interview is here on the eyephoneography blog.

eyephoneography #1 opens September 17, 2010 at The Hub in Madrid, Spain. You can visit eyephoneography.com for more information, or read our previous announcement on Life In LoFi here.