UPDATE: Wow. I believe this is a LoFi record. The codes are all gone and they went fast! Thank you for reading. Stay tuned. We’ve got some other goodies here at the office we’ll be giving away soon.

CineCrop for iPhone is a new app that quickly and easily lets you crop your iPhone photos to the cinematic aspect ratios of theatrical movies and HDTV. It’s a great cropping utility that’s a fast and easy way to give your photograph the crop of a theatrical film. My original review of CineCrop is here. I liked it a lot.

Want a free copy of CineCrop? We’ve got some promo codes to give away. How to get one after the jump. >>>

Life In LoFi has 10 free promo codes of CineCrop to give away. We’re giving them away on our Facebook fan page only.

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I’ll send one promo code to each of the first 10 readers who request one in the comments for this giveaway on Facebook. One code per reader, please. These codes work with a U.S. App Store account only and will not work in any other country. If you’re one of the first ten, be sure I can direct message you somehow.

If you miss out on a free code, CineCrop is only $0.99 USD. (App Store link)


Big thanks to Kert Gartner for providing Life In LoFi with the free CineCrop promo codes.