The excellent camera replacement app Camera+ was pulled from the App Store recently. The app violated the iPhone SDK agreement. A hack that unlocked VolumeSnap, the hidden feature that allowed users to use the iPhone’s volume buttons as a shutter release, was the reason.

REAL-CAMERA by Yusuke sekikawa is another iPhone photo app that uses the volume buttons as a shutter release. As expected, it has now also been pulled and is no longer available in the App Store.

Apple is very specific about the uses of the hardware on the iPhone. After Camera+ was pulled, it was widely expected that other photo apps that bypass volume controls and other hardware would soon follow. Apple is being consistent in enforcing the terms of the SDK agreement and has followed through with the purge.

Possible repercussions are a permanent ban from selling in the App Store.

As of this writing, there is no mention on the developer’s website of REAL-CAMERA being pulled or when (or if) the app will be re-released.

The old App Store link of REAL-CAMERA is here.