eyephoneography, The Hub, Madrid, SpainThere’s about one month until eyephoneography, a high-visibility exhibition at The Hub in Madrid, Spain. This inaugural show features the works of Sion Fullana, Marco La Civita, Isabelle “MissPixels” Gagné, and Greg Schmigel.

We recently posted a link to the interview of Darren Milligan, one of the show’s selection committee. In the lead-up to the Madrid show, the eyephoneography blog has posted an interview with Sally Gutierrez Dewar, another member of the show’s selection committee. In particular, I found her views on smart phones and how they are effecting our everyday lives interesting. She also discusses her favorite images of each photographer in the exhibit — they are four excellent and visually powerful images. Sion’s is one of my favorites from his catalog and the image she selected by by Marco is powerful, stark and moving.

Other technologies have had an impact on what could be called our modes of seeing, but smartphones and social networks are radically mutating the whole sphere of visual thinking, shifting it from the individualistic gaze to communities of vision.

The entire interview is here on the eyephoneography blog.

eyephoneography #1 opens September 17, 2010 at The Hub in Madrid, Spain. Visit eyephoneography.com for more information.