ClassicINSTA 2's new UI

Within the last few days, two of the more popular apps of the ClassicCAM line from misskiwi have received great updates. Now, all four of the ClassicCAM apps are iOS4 and iPhone 4 compatible.

ClassicINSTA Polaroid iPhone photo appClassic INSTA gets a makeover in version 2.0. The user interface has been changed to a viewfinder that’s more DSLR-like. While it looks more cameralike than pre-2.0 skins, I didn’t have a problem with the older UI which I think I like a little better. It would be nice if the original classic UI was an option in a future update.

According to a tweet from misskiwi, version 2.1.0 will support the original ClassicPOLA border. Removed during beta testing, the ClassicPOLA border was one of the best Polaroid SX-70 recreations I’ve seen. This will be a really cool update!

Output size is now a hefty 1936x1936px on an iPhone 4 — the biggest the phone will shoot native in a square frame format.

ClassicTOY Plastic Toy Camera for iPhone

ClassicTOY is an app that recreates the look of various toy cameras. It’s also a skinned app and features multiple film and lenses to recreate the effects. It uses many of the excellent film effects found in the other ClassicCAM apps and features some very interesting and well-done lens effects. ClassicTOY is a free app with a $0.99 in app purchase that unlocks several more lenses and it’s well worth the purchase.

No new films or lenses were added to either update. Both updates fix the iPhone 4 “shutter bug” where the screen freezes up if the LED flash is triggered. Like all other ClassicCAM apps now, the flash is disabled when using the apps.

These updates, along with recent updates of the other two ClassicCAM apps, make the set iOS 4 compliant and iPhone 4 friendly. Both updates still work great on any iPhone running OS 3.1 or higher.

The updates are free, of course, and the apps are bargain priced.

App Store links: ClassicINSTA |   ClassicTOY