Pudding Camera for iPHone


Pudding Camera
Version 1.1
Price: FREE

Rating 3 stars

Bottom Line: It’s got great functionality, usable resolution and it’s free with no ads. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good for what it is.

An app that I’ve been seeing more of in Flickr groups is a free toy camera app called Pudding Camera. It’s from the small developer KTH. While you can search for it in the App Store using “pudding camera”, the name of the app is in Korean, as is much of the App Store description and much of the app itself.

Pudding Camera is a hidden gem in the App Store. It’s not perfect — it has some limitations, but it does a lot for a free app and it does it well, for free, and without ads. Our distilled and edited App Store description, as well as my distilled app review is after the jump.

There’s very little about Pudding Camera that isn’t already available in other, commercial apps. If you don’t have toy camera apps like ClassicSAMP, AndiGraf, or CameraBag and if you only plan to share your images online through Facebook or Flickr, then Pudding Camera is an excellent app — even better because it’s free.

Although it’s not skinned, Pudding Camera uses a lens and film user interface for creating effects. I found the controls to be a little sticky, but still fully functional and not a deal-breaker.

The effects are well rendered. I particularly like the square frame “Fantasy” camera. It’s a fairly unique tilt-shift focal effect created in-camera that takes advantage of the 3GS and 4 auto-focus. When this “camera” is used with the app’s Vivid film, the results are striking. Pudding Camera also has a new exposure setting which will let you brighten or darken an image the equivalent of one or two f/stops.

The app is created in a mixture of English and Korean. Using the app is easy and straightforward to figure out. The settings panel is in Korean, which is not my second or third language. I was unable to figure out anything in the settings except for the resolution. If you can’t read Korean, you will have a difficult time setting up the app’s built in file sharing capabilities.

Pudding Camera outputs at three resolutions — 472px, 700px and large 1280px — with a maximum resolution of 1280x1280px — that’s pretty good for a free app and even better than some commercial apps available. It’s on the low end of acceptable for small prints, but a great resolution for emailing or sharing images online.

I give Pudding Camera three stars. It’s a good app to explore toy camera photography on the iPhone and for some iPhoneographers, it may be all you need. It’s got great functionality, usable resolution and it’s free with no ads. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good for what it is and might just be what you need for a toy camera app.

Pudding Camera 푸딩
(or search “pudding camera” in the App Store)


Here’s our distilled and edited version of the App Store description:

Pudding Camera


Pudding camera offers seven kinds of cameras, and eight kinds of film settings. You can use any combination of these options for FREE so enjoy many kinds of stylish photos with this Pudding Camera!


  • Combination of Cameras & Films
  • Exposure setting (-2.0 to 2.0)
  • Self photo taking mode
  • 3 file sizes (small:472px, medium:700px, large:1280px)
  • Saving shooting mode
  • Uses location information
  • View photos by date in the built-in LightBox
  • Share with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, or me2day
  • Auto save into Pudding (Pudding is a web photo album serviced by Paran.)
  • Create your own Pudding account


Detailed Features


[camera type | sim. focal length | photo size]

  • Basic | 37mm | 4:3
  • Snap | 45mm | 3:2
  • Panorama | 37mm | 1.85:1
  • Fantasy | 37,50 mm | 1:1
  • Motion 2X 2 | 37mm | 4:3
  • Motion x4 | 37mm | 1:3
  • Fisheye | 37mm | 1:1

Films in version 1.1

  • iPhone Basic
  • Vintage Brown
  • Vintage Blue
  • Vignetting
  • Dazzle
  • Mono
  • Noir
  • Vivid (new in version 1.1)


What’s new in version 1.1

Improved features
  • Faster photo saving time
  • Green dot on noir film is fixed
  • Faster photo viewing
  • Login error fixed
New functions added
  • Vivid film with high contrast & high saturation added (object, landscape optimized)
  • Image saving size increased to 1280px
  • Exposure value saved (dial on left)
  • Exposure value applied to photo while shooting