lo-mob version 1.4 previewIt was the middle of May, 2010 since the app was last updated, but aestesis has released details of the upcoming lo-mob version 1.4. While there aren’t any new filters mentioned, the app gets an under-the-hood overhaul that improves speed and output and makes the app more iOS 4 friendly.

The processing engine has been rewritten. aestesis claims that lo-mob 1.4 will be noticeably faster than previous versions — up to 4x faster with some filters on an iPhone 3G. lo-mob does a lot of processing, so this is a pretty impressive tweak.

lo-mob will also now support full resolution images, including 5MP images from the iPhone 4 and the 3.2MP images from 3GS. In fact, lo-mob should support any resolution without downsizing. If you shoot with ClearCam or one of the other pixel-doubling camera apps, you’ll be able to process the images in lo-mob without any pixel loss. Nice!

lo-mob 1.4 will support fast app switching, so you should be able to exit the app while it processes and come back to it without loss of data. There are other iOS 4 tweaks as well.

One very nice feature that will please owners of older iPhones is that, unlike many other recent app updates, lo-mob will still run on devices using OS 3.1.2, although it won’t be able to take advantage of the features designed for the new iOS.

Read the entire post here on the developer’s blog at aestesis.net. The lo-mob 1.4 update should street in about 2-3 weeks.

lo-mob is a Life In LoFi fave and is $1.99 in the App Store [link]