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There are several iPhone apps to upload to, view and manage your Flickr account. The one that I use is Flickit. It’s easy to use, versatile, fast and there’s a free version.

Both of the 2.1.0 versions of the Flickit apps contain a bug. When set to either “Large” or “Medium” in the upload settings, they upload photos to Flickr at full resolution (up to the largest resolution the app will permit).

Read on for our workaround….

I prefer to upload to Flickr using the Medium setting, which normally would upload images at  800x600px size — smaller and faster uploads, good size for viewing onscreen, but not too big for most monitors (and less tempting for image thieves).

Until a fix is released, one workaround to try is to change your upload settings to “Small”. Normally, that would downsample images to the tiny 400x300px, but I found that in the buggy version, it uploads images at the 800×600 size — that’s the size I want.

If your preference is to upload full-size images to Flickr using Flickit, then you’re good. You don’t need to change any settings at all and your images will upload as they always have.

The developer is aware of the bug and a fix is due in the next updates. Until then, there’s this workaround.

App Store links: Flickit |   Flickit Pro



Big thanks to Gary Moyer for the tip on this story. Gary’s iPhoneography on Flickr can be found here. Yes, he uses Flickit as well….