Photographed with an iPhone 2G.
Toolbox: AutoStitch, FILM LAB, Photo fx, FocalLab

Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
July 19, 2010

The cockpit of a Boeing 707. The Boeing 707. For me, there are three that matter — John Travolta’s personal 707 painted in classic Qantas livery, the original Dash-80 prototype that’s in the Smithsonian, and this one. But, this is the one. This is the aircraft that landed at Dallas Love Field one November morning. This is the aircraft that carried the President’s body back to Washington, DC. LBJ was sworn in as President in this aircraft — in an aisle just behind the wing. I got chills when I stood in the spot and faced forward.

Living near Dallas and appreciating its past, I can’t help but feel a connection and a sense of history where JFK is concerned.