lo-mob version 1.4 previewlo-mob for iPhone is FREE right now in the App Store. lo-mob normally sells for $1.99, so this is a good freebie. If you don’t already have this classic lo-fi app, go grab it now.

I think lo-mob is an excellent app. It features over 25 vintage analog camera effects, most not found in any other apps, including classic film effects, instant films, and some really cool through the viewfinder (TTV) effects. It’s got a lot of great effects and they’re really well rendered.

We recently posted about lo-mob’s upcoming 1.4 update. This will get you into the update path. The current version and the new update both still support older iPhones and OS 3 as well.

Freebies like this disappear fast — often in about a day or less, so head over to the App Store right now and grab this excellent photo app. Go!