camera prme iphone camera replacementCamera Prime, a new camera replacement app from Testut Tech, is FREE right now in the App Store. It’s a pretty full featured camera replacement, and this is a full version, not a feature-limited “lite” version. It’s not ad-supported, either. At first glance, it’s a decent camera replacement.

This is an introductory offer, so grab the app now before it goes up to it’s regular price.

It has a good anti-shake feature which helps to get sharper photos when your hands aren’t as steady as you like (Hello, Starbucks? I’m thinking of you…). Camera Prime has a decent reload time — a little over 1 second until it’s ready to take another shot. It’s got a user-switchable big-button full screen shutter release option.

Camera Prime supports all of the iPhone 4’s features, including flash and front-facing camera. It supports auto-focus on cameras with the feature. It shoots and saves in your iPhone’s full resolution. It also supports iOS 4 multi-tasking and can save images in the background — a nice feature if you sometimes forget and exit the app while it’s processing.

Again, these free offers usually go away quickly. This is obviously an introductory offer to get downloads and App Store reviews, which are pretty positive overall. It’s a good download for a free full-featured camera replacement app. Grab it now before the price goes up.