lo-mob version 1.4 previewThe 1.4 update for retro camera app lo-mob has been released. lo-mob is one of the premier retro filter apps available and it does an amazing job of recreating classic camera output and lo-fi photographic styles.

We previewed the version 1.4 update a few weeks ago, and this new release holds even a few more surprises.

lomob iphone lofi iphoneography

lo-mob 1.4 - the new interface. Click to enlarge.

lo-mob now supports full resolution on all iPhones, including 5MP images from the iPhone 4 and the 3.2MP images from 3GS. In fact, it supports greater than full resolution as it will process any image you throw its way. The first photo I processed with the update saved at 1936x3226px — 6.2 megabytes!

The promised speed increase is there. lo-mob opens faster and filters seem to preview faster. Save times don’t seem to have improved at first, until you realize that because of the increased resolution, the app is now processing at least four times the pixels.

The interface also got an overhaul, with individual effects controls now more prominent and visible in the editing window.

The new pan and zoom feature isn’t the smoothest. The preview doesn’t fully render and appears a little chunky when zoomed. You won’t be using it to view any details, but again lo-mob is more of an overall-type filter app.

lo-mob 1.4 supports fast app switching, so you should be able to exit the app while it processes and come back to it without loss of data. There are other iOS 4 tweaks as well. And lo-mob 1.4 still runs on devices using OS 3.1.2. While not a universal app, it’s compatible with iPod Touch and iPad devices as well.

lo-mob is a classic lo-fi photo app and is a fave of the blog. It’s $1.99 in the App Store.