Here’s a cool link that I stumbled across on Twitter. It’s a post from The Online Photographer about things that made the old Leica M6 so successful as an everyday camera. Among the reasons, Mike Johnson writes, is that the old Leicas had few distractions.

Much of what he writes about the old Leicas can also be applied to shooting with an iPhone. Our iPhones — our cameras — provide very few distractions from shooting the image, especially, I think, the older 2G and 3G iPhones. They are our camera that we put on first thing in the morning and take off last thing at night “like a shirt”. Like the old Leicas, they are so free from features that they require us to focus on getting the best image in camera. The camera becomes almost transparent. With an iPhone, we’re more likely to see what the lens sees — good, bad and sometimes frustrating.

Although the post was originally written about the Leica M6 film camera, I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the similarities to the iPhone cameras. A lot of what made the old Leicas fun can also be applied to iPhones.

Here’s the link to the entire post The Secrets of the Leica on The Online Photographer blog.



Big thanks to @DamienFranco for posting the tweet that I stumbled across.