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UPDATE: Wow. They disappeared in 8 minutes. We have given away all of the Percolator promo codes. Stay tuned, though. We’ve got some other goodies here at the office we’ll be giving away soon. Thank you for reading!

A new update of Percolator for iPhone is coming soon and Life In LoFi is helping to clear out some promo codes!

We recently reviewed Percolator and gave it a well-deserved four stars. Percolator creates modernist mosaics of circles from your photos instead of recreating the look of retro or vintage cameras. Not every image processed through Percolator will work, but when you find that magic mix of color and contrast, Percolator creates a unique, impressive, modern effect. There’s no other photo app like it.

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percolator iphone screenshotRight now, we’ve got 10 free promo codes to give away to the first ten readers who request one in the comments below. One code per reader, please. These codes work with a U.S. App Store account only and will not work in any other country. If you’re one of the first ten, be sure I can email or DM you somehow.

The new 1.2 update will have some great new features. Percolator will work on any iPhone running iOS 3.1.3 or newer.

If you miss out on a free code, Percolator is only $0.99. Percolator

Big thanks to developer John Balestrieri from tinrocket for providing us with the promo codes.



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