Not a cool link, but an important one if you have an iPhone 4. It was a given that Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program wouldn’t last forever. A recent announcement from Apple pretty much confirms it. Apple has announce that the iPhone 4 Case Program will end on September 30, in about 2 and half weeks.

The iPhone 4 Case Program was Apple’s way of dodging a much bigger bullet with the so-called antenna issues of the iPhone 4. Personally, I think the story was way overblown by the media and was less of a story and more hype — something to take down the cool kid. But, iPhone owners got free cases out of the deal, potential savings of $20-$30.

Having a case or bumper around your iPhone 4 does improve signal strength in some cases. Even the front and backless Apple Bumper case adds color and a bit of much needed tack to a very slippery iPhone 4. Having a case of any kind reduces the possibility of microscratches on the lens cover of the iPhone 4.

If you haven’t requested one of the several free cases Apple is offering — and there are some cool ones available, download the iPhone 4 Case Program app to your phone, and log in using your Apple account.

After September 30, iPhone 4 owners will still be able to request a free bumper by contacting AppleCare. The cases are sexier, though. If you’re an iPhone 4 owner and haven’t ordered yours yet, the clock is ticking. Order right on your iPhone. Cases take about 4-12 weeks to arrive, depending on the case.

Here’s a link. AppleInsider has a good post on the topic here.