Hipstamatic 170 new hipstapak

New Bettie XL Lens (Mission Pak)

Synthetic Infatuation have announced the latest update to the extremely successful iPhone photo app, Hipstamatic. The Hipstamatic 170 update should street worldwide this Friday and features in-app integration with the new Hipstamart.com in addition to several other new features, bug fixes and a new HipstaPak with a new lens and film.

"The Mission" Bettie XL lens

I saw a preview of the Hipstaprints back in April. The print quality is excellent. The colors looked rich and vibrant. The blacks were robust and overall saturation of the images was very, very good. The images are sharp, even from 2MP files from an iPhone 2G/3G. These are great looking photographs.

The new Bettie XL lens looks like it creates color shifts and random light leaks. The new Ina’s 1935 film looks pretty straightforward with little color shift and added noise.

The new Hipstamart Print Lab will be available in North America on 9/17 as well, Europe on October 1, 2010 and the rest of the world on November 1, 2010.

Here’s a rundown of the new features and bug fixes in the 170 update:

  • The Hipstamatic 170 will be available on iTunes Friday, Sept. 17
  • The printing service will be available in North America 9/17.
  • Printing Service available in Europe on Oct 1 & rest of the world Nov 1.
  • New HipstaPak – Mission Pak

"The Mission" Ina's 1935 film


  • HipstaMart Print Lab – order high quality archival prints delivered to your door
  • Tumblr sharing of Prints and Stacks
  • Ability to completely disable the LED flash on iPhone 4 (in Settings app)
  • New ‘Medium’ print quality mode (applies to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 only)
  • New Mission HipstaPak (includes Bettie XL lens and Ina’s 1935 film)
  • iOS 4 bug fixes (empty viewfinder, stuck in HipstaMart, orientation lock, other freezes)
  • Clear button is back in the Recent Prints view (with an option to clear all or just prints that aren’t in any stacks)
  • Facebook uploading fix
  • Fix for iPod Touch Gen 4

For an excellent read about the new Hipstamatic Print Lab in more technical terms, click here.