Occipital ClearCam for iPhoneClearCam 1.7 was released recently. The update builds upon the new features of previous updates. ClearCam promises clearer, sharper, and sometimes larger images from any iPhone. The new update opens up the app’s image enhancement capabilities for the new iPod Touch 4th Gen.

The new iPod Touch isn’t blessed with an excellent still camera. It saves stills at a measly 960×720 pixels — that’s less than 0.7 megabytes. In contrast, the first generation iPhone cameras saved images at 1600x1200px — 2 megabytes. It’s safe to say that the still camera on the iPod Touch needs help.

See our review of ClearCam 1.6 here to read how the app does its magic. None of that’s changed in this update. What is different is that ClearCam now helps iPod Touch owners squeeze better images out of their device.

Quick Mode can help iPT owners to save the clearest of several shots to their camera roll, but most will choose to use ClearCam in Enhanced Mode where the app nearly doubles image size to 1008 x 1344 (1.35MP). Enhanced Mode has a reload time of about 8 seconds — comparable to many other camera apps. But the improvement in image quality is a worthwhile tradeoff.

Click below to enlarge the original and enhanced images.

ClearCam iPod Touch

iPod Touch 4th Gen original image. Click to enlarge.

ClearCam iPod Touch

ClearCam iPod Touch 4th Gen - Enhanced mode. Click to see full image.

For all iCameras, the new update features improved image enhancement and it now embeds geo-tagged EXIF data in the image file.

ClearCam is an excellent app and one that’s been a favorite of mine since jailbreak days. It’s a recommended purchase for iPhone owners, especially for iPhoneographers who plan to make oversize prints of their work. And it’s highly recommended for iPod Touch 4th Gen owners to help squeeze additional performance out of their still cameras.

The ClearCam 1.7 update is live now in the App Store. It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.0 or newer, although you may need iOS 4.1 to take advantage of the app’s EXIF data feature. Sorry, iPad owners, but your device doesn’t have a camera yet.

ClearCam is $1.99.