Life In LoFi has outgrown our previous web hosting service and is in the process of migrating to DreamHost tonight. For those of you who’ve ever moved a WordPress installation before, you already know how much fun I’ve been having the past day or so (just about zero for those who haven’t).

For the next 12 hours or so from Thursday night at 11:30 PM through 12:00 noon, Friday, October 1st, there may be some weirdness as the change to the new server propagates down throughout the web. There may be a few glitches afterwards and we’ll get them fixed as soon as we find them. Please bear with us. We’ll be back up to speed — faster and more stable, actually — in no time.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 10.01.10 @ 00:54: It looks like the changes for the blog database are taking longer than other parts of the blog. There may be a lot of broken links until this is settled or resolved. I’m keeping an eye on this. My apologies for the inconvenience.