ColorRight iPhone iPod TouchColorRight for iPhone and iPod Touch is now FREE in the app store and the recommended iBAL filter for iPhone is now 50% off at $19.95.

ColorRight is a camera app with a built-in white balance solution available for iOS devices which enables you to get more accurate color in the shot with less post-processing. It sets the white balance when you shoot, rather than trying to adjust and compensate in post-production. It’s a high-end camera app with many power user features, including focus, lock exposure lock, and fill flash.

Without the iBAL filter, ColorRight isn’t an everyday shooter and probably not suited to candid, street photography. With or without the iBAL filter, not every iPhoneographer needs the level of control the app offers.

I recently wrote about ColorRight without the iBAL filter (it wasn’t available yet when I wrote my first piece). An iBAL filter is on the way and I’ll review the app with iBAL filter as soon as I receive it.

To be honest, I haven’t had much luck setting the white balance using the second, less recommended method of using a white piece of paper for reference. But the developer, Drew Strickland, and I have been emailing back and forth all afternoon. He has offered up several suggestions on setting the white balance with a white piece of paper which I’ll be editing together and posting soon.

ColorRight, the company, produces similar filters and products for DSLRs, video and compact digital cameras. Their other products are very well received by photographers. Their other products get very good reviews overall. ColorRight has the capability to bring this level of on-the-fly color correction to the iPhone.

The app is currently free and the iBAL filter is on sale from the ColorRight website.