IPhone lenses (unpacked)


If you need more than the new wider field of view lens of the iPhone 4, consider getting a set of external lenses. There are several options to choose from with varying levels of ease of use and quality. There are some cool wide angle, macro, zoom and fish eye lenses available that most times create better results than trying to do so in-app.

iPhoneographer Darrel Austin has written this excellent piece about installing and using his PhotoJoJo external iPhone lenses over at his Posterous blog, PhotoAppinion.

… where there’s an Apple product, there’s also a thriving circle of add-on gadget manufacturers ready to step in and offer up new iToys.

There are about a dozen external lens options out there for the iPhone (or any cell phone, as they are all using generic mounts).

Click here to read the entire post about the PhotoJoJo lenses for iPhone on PhotoAppinion. It’s an excellent read.