In addition to the new film and lens of the Dali Museum GoodPak, Hipstamatic 180 is the first update to lose a film effect. The “Kodot Verichrome” film is no longer available in this update.

Actually, it’s not gone. In its place, you’ll find a new film “Kodot XGrizzled”, which is actually the Verichrome film with a new name. The film itself hasn’t changed.

New Hipstamatic 180 Kodot XGrizzled film

“Legal Department Made us do it! its a name change only … no effects changed.” was the reason given on the Hipstamatic Facebook page. Probably a good call to play it safe by Synthetic’s legal department. There is an old Kodak black & white film, Verichrome Pan, and while there’s little resemblance between the actual film and the Hipstamatic filter, there is potential for trademark infringement with the name, especially given the huge popularity of the Hipstamatic app. The film canister in Hipstamatic has also been redesigned to look less “Kodak”.

To my eye, the new edge does look similar, but the vignette looks a little less pronounced in the new XGrizzled film. I prefer the look of the old Verichrome version.

“In the next update all of the borders will be getting some more variation, but no overall style changes.” was also posted.

Other minor, undocumented changes in the new version include the disappearance of the small green processing lights. They are unlabeled and now appear only when a print is processing or when ready.

One more note…. I am loving the new Dali case from the new Dali Museum GoodPak!