It’s time! The Hipstamatic 180 update just went live in the US App Store moments ago. I haven’t even tested it yet. The new Dali case and Salvador 84 lens look really cool, though.

UPDATE 11.04.2010 13:00: It looks like there were some issues earlier today if you tried to purchase and download the new Dali GoodPak. HipstaTechs have resolved the issue at this time. You may have to restart the app before you try to download the Dali Museum GoodPak. You can do this by double tapping the home button, holding it in the application select screen, and then clicking “-“. =M=

Click past the jump for some of the new features:

Here’s the press release from Synthetic, the developers of Hipstamatic:

Hipstamatic 180 & The Dalí Museum GoodPak (Limited Edition)
What’s a GoodPak? Well, it’s just like a HipstaPak but with “good” built in to benefit a not for profit organization. In this case SyntheticCorp will donate proceeds from this GoodPak to the Dali Museum. At the opening Gala on January 11th, 2010, we will hand over a sack of coins, a brief case of cash, or a giant size check to the museum on behalf of the Hipstamatic Community (you). There is more information over at dalimuseum.hipstamatic.com.

The Dali Museum GoodPak is available for download until January 12, 2011

Dali Stache film effect

Salvador 84 lens effect

The Salvador 84 Lens. Characterized by surrealist overlays, Dali’s glowing color palette, and more ‘random’ than any of Hipstamatic’s current lineup.The new add on is a modern day ode to the brilliance that is Dali, and results in a new HipstaSurrealist style that is sure to challenge how we experience reality. Also included is the new Stache film which adds a painterly dream feel.

Camera Bodies
The 180 also introduces custom camera bodies to choose from. A white option is now included with the MissionPak and of course one is included with the Dali Museum GoodPak.

Dali Museum Contests
For this traditional gallery a la Salon des Hipsta we are challenging artists to tap into their inner-Salvador! Your best surreal image could make you a bonafide artist. Contest finalists will be projected on the Dali Museum’s new building in St. Petersburg, Florida during its grand gala opening the evening of 1/11/11. The top 9 images will be exhibited inside The Museum and the Best of Show winner [judged by John Waters] will be flown in for the opening event. More details can be found over on The Big Hipstamatic Show site.

At 12pm Pacific time, we will begin to take orders online and will be adding these countries to our shipping
* Russia
* Maylasia
* Thailand
* Taiwan
* Japan
* Singapore
* Hong Kong
* South Korea
* Brazil

Hipstamatic is $1.99 with additional in-app film pak purchases of $0.99 each. It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 3.1 or newer.

Hipstamatic - Synthetic Corp