iPhoneography That's 6.17 at the window by Marty Yawnick


Photographed with an iPhone 4. Toolbox: Crop Suey, BlurFX, PictureShow.

Sometimes the pictures you were hoping for don’t turn out. At the same time, you see a picture you never would have otherwise seen.

Originally, this was shot with Instagram and processed with the Lomo-fi filter, which saved the finished image at 600×600 pixels. I liked the end result, but wanted higher resolution, so I cropped my original, unprocessed image square in Crop Suey. I softened the edges just a little in BlurFX using a slight motion blur — just barely enough to dull the sharp edges. I wanted it to look like it was shot with a lo-fi iPhone 2G.

I used PictureShow to try and duplicate my original results.I applied the LomoGraphy filter to distort and pop the color. It’s similar, but not exact. The Vivid filter added some red to the image that I didn’t want. I added Noise for film grain, which isn’t in the Instagram filter but I like fake film grain. I applied the Convex Blur frame, which is similar to Lomo-fi’s border. To add just a little more lo-fi, I applied the Light Leak 5 filter in PictureShow. It’s subtle and doesn’t beat you over the head with light leak.

The original Instagram shot and my raw image are in the gallery below.



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