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The popular free camera app, Pudding Camera, was updated to version 1.2 recently. The app now has a new filter, Motion x2. It’s also now more compatible with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4.

I’ve previously reviewed Pudding Camera. It’s a good app to explore toy camera photography on the iPhone and for some iPhoneographers, it may be all you need. It’s got great functionality, usable resolution and it’s free with no ads. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good for what it is and might just be what you need for a toy camera app.

This update’s new features include the Motion x2 lens which different than the Motion 2X 2 lens and is basically a two exposure lens with about a 2 second delay. It’s compatible with all of Pudding Camera’s films.

The app now also supports iOS 4 multi-tasking and background operation. Pudding Camera now also supports flash and front camera on devices that have these. The interface has been updated to fully support Apple’s high resolution retina displays. Pudding Camera now also works with the iPod Touch 4th Gen. The update also includes several bug fixes.

A couple of things haven’t changed. The app is still free and ad-free. That’s good. The app is still created with a mix of English and Korean languages. That can be frustrating at times. It still only has a maximum resolution of 1280×1280 pixels. It’s still usable — you can easily make 4″ x 4″ prints with Pudding pics. With its 1.4 MP maximum resolution, it’s better suited for online sharing and emailing photos.

pudding camera resolution fix


When I tested the app after updating, I noticed that the resolution setting had reverted back to 700×700 px. After updating, be sure to check the app’s settings and reset your resolution if needed (see above).

Pudding Camera is free in the App Store. It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 3.1 or newer.

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