Vint B&WAfter my recent post about the recent unavailability of the popular photo apps Polarize, LOFI, Format126 and EffectsLab, several readers became concerned that another popular series of apps would soon disappear from the App Store for the same reasons.

Erik Pettersson’s popular Vint apps, including the excellent Vint B&W, haven’t been updated in ages, either. Some of them will be getting an update soon.

I contacted Erik and he will be starting to work on the update for Vint B&W as early as next week. He hopes to update Vint Shift afterwards. The apps will be updated for better compatibility with the new OS and device updates that have come out since the apps were last updated. Other features may include the long-requested ability to import images from the photo library on the device.

I use Vint B&W often and haven’t experienced any problems with the app on my iPhone 4 using iOS 4.1. Vint B&W still produces among the best color to monochrome conversions available. Images have a nice tonal range and very little noise in the darker areas. Vint Shift is his tilt-shift app. It isn’t as versatile as TiltShift Generator, but it’s free and saves at full resolution.

Both apps are currently free and work on any iPhone running iOS 2.1 or newer.

We’ll keep you posted on updates to these apps.

App Store links: Vint B&W | Vint Shift