El Bumpo iPhoneography Marty Yawnick

El Bumpo by Marty Yawnick


Photographed with an iPhone 4. Toolbox: CropSuey, PictureShow

As a child, I derived much joy from driving the bumper cars furiously within the confines of the carny arena.

Read on. I share my recipe for recreating this image, which was originally shot with Instagram and the Lomo-fi filter.

Originally shot with Instagram with the Lomo-fi filter, I recreated the look in PictureShow. I like the look of Lomo-fi, but Instagram saves the photo in low res, only 612×612 pixels. Rebuilding the image not only allowed me to have a full resolution version, but make subtle changes to the image by giving me more control over the effects I applied to the photo.

While the original was the Instagram square frame, I thought the image worked better as a wider, full frame. I first straightened it up a little — about 1.4°– in Crop Suey, which resamples an image back to full res when you straighten it.

I tweaked the contrast in PictureShow, but really any image editor like Photogene, Iris, or PhotoForge would do. In PictureShow, I jacked the contrast up to 50% to darken the shadow areas and blow out the highlights. I applied PictureShow’s Vivid filter to replicate Instagram’s Lomo-fi filter. I added a little bit of film grain. It’s not in Instagram, but I like the added texture the noise brings to the image. To finish out the recreation, I applied the convex blur frame. I think PictureShow’s Vivid filter gives the color a lot more punch than the Instagram filter in this case.