The new 3.0 update of MonoPhix by Phoenxsoftware was released today. I’ll have a full review soon, but imagine taking an excellent iPhone app and then piling about 200% more excellent on it and that’s this update for MonoPhix. It’s really that good.

All that greatness requires a bit of screen real estate. And not only does MonoPhix 3 have a ton of new tools, but it now has a much requested larger preview area. Another new feature of the app is the ability to easily hide the tool overlays. Click past the jump to find out how.

There are a ton of new features in this excellent update. By default, all the tools are available onscreen, which can cover up part of the image preview. To quickly toggle the tool overlays off and on, simply push the appropriate tool button at the bottom of the screen. This toggles the hideaway overlays.

Even with all the new features, MonoPhix for iPhone and iPod touch is still only $0.99. It’s still old iPhone friendly and will work on any iDevice running iOS 3.1 or newer.

UPDATE: There will be an update to the free version, MonoPhix Lite. It’s feature-reduced, similar to the version currently available. It should street in the next week or so. =M=

UPDATE #2: It’s not quite old iOS friendly yet. There is a bug when using iOS 3.1.3 or older which causes the app to crash. A minor update is in the works and will be released soon. If you’re still using an older version of the iOS, you should hold off updating until the bug fix has been released. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE #3: The 3.0.1 update with the bug fix has just been submitted to Apple. Hopefully, this will street soon and fix the issue. =M=

MonoPhix has long been a favorite of mine. The new 3.0 update is definitely very highly recommended.

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