Your iPhone should never be naked. A good case protects against scratches and shocks, while adding a couple of millimeters between your camera lens and things that want to scratch it.

The iPhone tripod case by mini-mal is a very good case for your iPhone. It offers additional functionality along with protection. Probably my biggest complaint about the case is that it isn’t available for iPhone 4 yet.

The iPhone tripod case for iPhone 3G & 3GS is a lightweight and low profile case that that transforms into a multi-angle tripod stand. It also transforms into a viewing stand.

The case itself is a lightweight plastic that pulls apart to fit snugly over your iPhone. Pads of felt inside the case not only help slide the case on and off, but they protect your iPhone from scratches while putting it on and offer a little bit of shock protection once the case is on.

It’s a low profile case, adding very little weight and size to your iPhone. The gloss plastic looks like your iPhone 3G or 3GS. It has just enough give to protect the phone, yet be durable. Its shiny surface will probably scratch fairly quickly with normal use going in and out of your pocket or purse. So do most hard plastic cases that protect iPhones. Better the case than your phone.

The cool part about this case is a small, versatile swing out arm at the base of the case that becomes a viewing stand or a tripod of sorts. The arm is ratcheted and swings around up to about 300° depending on use. It extends the versatility of the case. It’s all pretty sturdy and should hold up well with normal use.

I had no problems with the swing-out arm or “kickstand” as one user called it. It works great horizontally as a viewer. It’s great for playing games, showing slide shows on your iPhone, or watching movies. It works great for many uses holding up an iPhone either on its side or straight up and down.

Swung out 90°, you can use the stand vertically for hands-free FaceTime calls. Swung around the full 300°, the case becomes a tripod of sorts, allowing you to place and stand your iPhone for photography — self-portraits, group photos, time lapse. It’s pretty handy.

When not in use, the kickstand folds into the base and adds very little size to the case. All controls and mics are unobstructed and you can plug in your USB cord to charge and sync with no problems.

This isn’t a rubberized case — it’s shiny plastic all the way. That means that it’ll look good, but it’ll have no tack and slide across your dashboard if you put your iPhone there (What? Am I the only one who does that?). Also, at this time, it’s not available for the iPhone 4 yet, but that’s in the works.

The iPhone case is an attractive case that offers good protection for your iPhone from everyday scratches and bumps. The built-in “kickstand” is a great substitute for users who may otherwise want a tripod simply for time lapse or to get into their own photos. It’s also a great stand for watching video or playing games on your iPhone. Overall, it’s a good case. It packs a lot into a little.

The is available in two colors — black or white — for $30.00 in mini-mal’s Amazon store.

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Disclosure: I was supplied a case for this review by mini-mal. I used a loaner 3GS for this review.