With the release of today’s Hipstamatic 185 update, another goodie from the Hipsta folks sneaked out of the App Store for a few minutes before disappearing quickly. The Levi’s® Photo Workshop Holiday GoodPak was available to a lucky few who were able to purchase the GoodPak shortly after the 185 update was released today. It’s since been pulled and will be available for purchase on Friday, December 10th as originally announced.

Shortly after word leaked out that the GoodPak was available (ahem…), users started seeing a “The item you tried to buy is no longer available” message. Most of the time, the inability to get Hipstamatic updates or paks is due to server overload from the huge numbers of users trying to download an purchase.

However, today’s short release was a slip. Synthetic have since pulled the GoodPak until Friday.

  • If you want to see more sample images of the new Melodie lens, iPhoneographer Matthew McConkey recently spent the afternoon with his and posted some great shots here on his blog, including a gorgeous photo using the Melodie lens and BlacKeys B&W film.

I just spoke with Synthetic’s Community Director. The GoodPak and the 185 update were both submitted to Apple at separate times for approval, but were both released simultaneously this morning as part of the app update, with the GoodPak accidentally being released early. The Levi’s® GoodPak was scheduled for release this Friday, December 10th in conjunction with the Hipstamatic “I Am a Photographer” event at the Levi’s® Photo Workshop in New york city this Friday. It snuck into the App Store for a few minutes before Synthetic realized it was available early.

According to Synthetic, the new Melodie lens is still being tweaked for release and the version that gets released on Friday will most likely be slightly different than the lens that was available briefly today. If you were one of the few who were able to download the new lens, enjoy it. Although the release lens will be very similar, you have a true iPhoneography rarity.

Also on tap this week from Hipstamatic is the probable release of a new free film, also to coincide with Friday’s event. The new film is said to work “beautifully” with the new Melodie lens. It’s a freebie and should be available for general download for a limited time, probably later this week.

If released, the new film is a thank you from Synthetic to the Hipstamatic community. While the Hipstamatic Facebook fan page fell short of their goal of getting 35,000 followers, Synthetic were “impressed by the effort and support of the community.”

The Levi’s® Photo Workshop Holiday GoodPak will be available this Friday, December 10 for a limited time through January 3, 2011.

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