BREAKING NEWS: Hipstamatic 185 is now available in the App Store for download or update. This looks to be more of a maintenance update than a feature-filled update, but later this week, you’ll be able to grab the new Levi’s® Photo Workshop Holiday GoodPak with the new Melodie lens for an additional 99¢.

This update focuses on bug fixes, improving performance and improving reliability of the app. There’s a list of bug fixes on the App Store description. Most of them fix erratic performance irritants and crashes.

The new features of the app are minor. Time/date the image was shot is now embedded in the metadata. Restoring purchases is now more reliable, although I’ve never had a problem restoring HipstaMart purchases in the past. There are also other, unlisted “miscellaneous” performance improvements.

The new Levi’s® Photo Workshop Holiday GoodPak with the Melodie lens will also be available with this update. I was able to grab a sneak veion and I’ve taken a few quick snapshots as seen in the gallery here.

The new lens is great. As posted in our sneak peek, the new lens has higher contrast, good color saturation and a subtle but killer cheap plastic lens distortion! I can also see added noise simulating film grain and slight light-leaks and emulsion stains in the prints as well. Honestly, the wall over the Joe Light “Elvis” painting is white and not that blotchy. The effects are among the most subtle of the Hipstamatic lenses. I really like the Melodie lens. It’s definitely going to be one of my most-used Hipsta lenses.

The new lens is inspired by Levi’s® photographer Melodie McDaniel. If you’ve already visited her website, all of her online portfolio is really nice, high contrast monochrome photography. The new lens, while high contrast, is definitely a color lens. However, it’s been created to work best with Hipstamatic’s black & white films.

The new GoodPak also features a new Levi’s® camera skin. Red plaid and a green lens — very festive!

The Levi’s® Photo Workshop Holiday GoodPak will be available for a limited time, this Friday, December 10 through January 3, 2011.

Start your downloads….

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Hipstamatic/Melodie lens. Photo by Patrick Dugan