Not Again

Not Again by Nacho Cordova

This week, I’m pleased to present a strong collection of powerful images.

Every Sunday, we present Faved on Flickr — a small number of the outstanding  images that were posted to the Life In LoFi group on Flickr recently.

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This week’s striking lead image by Nacho Cordova, “Not Again” is outstanding in composition, texture and processing. I think ©arlein’s work is brilliant in its grittiness and her “got my mojo working” is another brilliant example of her work. I love the story and the playfulness of Kimb0lene’s “Oops! Someone ate the biscuits!” I love Jose Chavarry’s work and I’m very glad he’s shared his warm and very personal “Souls” — it’s an awesome capture of a found moment. I love the cold color and stark lines of “Cubist chair” by Anders Uddeskog. The outstanding color and high contrast of “joe’s sneakers, brillante diez” by Amy McGrath make the photo an interesting shoe shot, which is in stark contrast to Jamie Pachomski’s moody and darker “Pair.” Rober Herold’s “Nowhere Man” is as much a tribute to the classic Beatles track as it is a striking photo. The viewer’s eye is drawn straight to the subject and then shot out of frame by the over the shoulder look in Max Berkowitz’ “Distracted” — a photo finished with perfect processing.

I’m really pleased that there are a lot of new contributors to this week’s Faved. Red Kiwi Photography didn’t share their real name on Flickr, but they contributed several awesome works to the group this week. Their “09 Dec 2010 LoVE” is a simple yet powerful and visually striking photo for me. There is a beautiful sadness to Bryan Pahia’s left behind — a great balance of composition, processing and mood. I love sparkyluck’s contrast in processing, combining Percolator and ShakeIt Photo apps to create a colorful and interesting abstract.

Every Sunday, I usually select and post about a dozen images from Life In LoFi’s Flickr group to be featured on the blog. This week, there were just too many outstanding images to limit to a dozen — enjoy the extras. Links go directly to each iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. If you like what you see, please click and check out their other work.

For your chance to be seen, all you have to do is be a member of the group, post, and keep adding great images. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here every Sunday. We’ll have a dozen more next week.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selections and kudos to the iPhoneographers. The point is to go out there, shoot and have fun. Many thanks to all who post and share.


got my mojo working

got my mojo working by ©arlein


12.97 by critic-1

football dreams

football dreams by

Oops! Someone ate the biscuits!

Oops! Someone ate the biscuits! by Kimb0lene


Souls by Jose Chavarry

09 Dec 2010 LoVE

09 Dec 2010 LoVE by Red Kiwi Photography

Untitled by Rogério Salgado-Martins

Cubist chair

Cubist chair by Anders Uddeskog

Office Hours/

Office Hours/ by Laura Peischl

joe's sneakers, brillante diez

joe's sneakers, brillante diez by Amy McGrath


Pair. by Jamie Pachomski

Left Behind

Left Behind by Bryan Pahia

Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man by Robert Herold

Untitled by Bat Ray Day


Distracted by Max Berkowitz


Nightwalkers by Gladly Beyond

Untitled by sparkyluck